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Artist Statement/Resume
For the past 15 years I've been studying my craft as an artist. I chose acrylics as my medium to focus on due to the fast drying time. As an artist I concider myself a fast painter, completing detailed large scale paintings in 6-10 hours. I'm a huge believer in artwork that catches the eye and tells a story. For the past 3 years I focused on the female anatomy with a added touch of an alcohol beverage. I've spent the last 3 years painting things that I would hang in my house. I feel if you paint what you enjoy that others will enjoy it as well. Enjoying what you paint reflects in the quality of your work. So trust what you enjoy as an artist and trust your abilities to create it.

Jeremy Worst aka Jeremy Henderson

Jeremy Henderson has permission to print my product. 

2003-2005 Art Instatute of Atlanta
1998-2001 Union High School


2014 "Honey Jack Arts Beats + Lyrics Group Show The Compound Atlanta
2014 " Black Owl Tattoos Grand Opening Art Show with Jeremy Worst" 
2013 "Gentleman Jack Arts Beats + Lyrics " Group show,  The Compound, Atlanta,GA
2013 "Graveyard Tavern" Mini solo show, East Atlanta, GA
2012 "Pabst Blue Ribbon Art Contest (*Finalist)" Group show, Graveyard Tavern, Atlanta, GA
2012 "Gentleman Jack Arts Beats + Lyrics Tour " Group show, 
The Compound , Atlanta, GA
Palladium Ballroom  , Dallas ,TX
Warehouse Live , Houston , TX
Union Station , Los Angeles, CA
Terminal 5, New York, NY 
Andrew Mellon , Washington DC 
LMNT , Miami, FL 
Neo on Locust , St Louis, MO
2012 "Graveyard Tavern" Group show, East Atlanta, GA
2012 "Pancakes N Booze Atl #4" Group show, Gallery 1526, Atlanta, GA
2012 "Pancakes N Booze Atl #3"   Group show, Gallery 1526, Atlanta, GA
2011 "Art of Jeremy Worst"   Solo show, Graveyard Tavern, East Atlanta, GA
2011 "Raw Art Showcase"   Group show, Sidebar, Atlanta, GA
2011 "RawR Show"   Group show, Station 11, Atlanta, GA
2011 "Pancakes N Booze Atl #2"   Group show, The Goat Farm, Atlanta, GA
2010 "Jeremy Worst Artshow"   Solo show, Graveyard Tavern, East Atlanta, GA
2010 "Pancakes N Booze Atl #1"   Group show, The Goat Farm, Atlanta, GA
2010 "Jeremy Worst"   Solo show, Chris Nickleson Salon, Marrietta, GA
2009 "Group Show" Atlanta,GA
2008 "Deviant Art Daily Devition" Group Showing, Deviantart.com


  1. Anonymous3.10.12

    While looking at your talented paintings, I'm trying to find a theme. And, all I can figure out is that you like good alcohol and fine women!

    1. Yes I liek for my work to have a Modern Party type feel to them.. ;o)

  2. Anonymous19.12.12

    I first saw your work on Ebay....I typed in Jack Daniels and I discovered your work. WOW!!!! I truly love your style.

    1. Thanks Alot! ;o) Most of my work is on my Etsy as well! JWORST.COM

  3. Jordan from Oregon21.1.13

    I love your work! You are an amazing artist, I'm going to an Art Institute now as well, and hope to become a better artist along the way. I will definitely be buying one of your pieces as soon as I have money to spend lol. I mean, beautiful ladies and alcohol, I dont think much more is needed for a masterpiece ;)

  4. Anonymous13.2.13

    I am lucky enough to have your paintings decorating the walls of my work (Infinity Internet Cafe). I stare at them pretty much all day... I'm still trying to find the 100 leafs in the Bob Marley painting. You are just amazing and I hope to meet you in person one day as my boss talks very highly of you. I hope to have more of your paintings possibly at Timewarp or Infinity 2 so I have more beautiful art to look at all day. :)

  5. Anonymous5.10.16

    This dude paints complete crap. I was looking at this garbage on eBay. He is a young kid obviously. He paints huge ass women like the idiot who just got robbed. Apparently this moron thinks women with butt implants are attractive. No, I would not hang a painting of some fake woman in my house but apparently this loser would. LOL. This guy has no talent but he hooked onto the sex thing and tries to make money by exploiting that angle. What a tool.


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