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Jeremy Worst Forearm Tattoo Session Dragon koi Painting Khmer laos Sketch Artwork Atlanta Fine Artist ebay tumblr twitter lady gaga lil b pacquiao

Some by Jeremy Worst . #ebay

Dragon Tattoo
 skull / buddha tattoo
 mask japanese tattoo
 dragon apsara tattoo

Script tattoo
 script tattoo
script tattoo

buddha lady tattoo
 3 headed dragon Tattoo

 Audrina's half sleeve Tattoo!!!!
She a Gangster lol!!!  

Phout's Tattoo
She's Awesome! ;o) 

Blacks Jesus Piece He crazy! hahahaha 

Jhmaels Tribal !!! 
That had to hurt!! 

Nick's 3 Skulls!!!!
Jolly green giant ass dude! lol  


  1. Im lovin Audrina's half sleeve Tattoo, specially the side with the Mic on it. Nice detail. Good work.

  2. Just a lil note to let all my subscibers know that the address to my blog has changed . Blogger for some reason doesnt redirect my peeps to the new address nor do they update my new blogs in the updated blogs ,so here it is www.MsKaayz.blogspot.com be sure to bookmark it or whateva. Hope to see you on the page soon !

  3. Anonymous25.5.12

    awsome web page! lvoe it


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